\ High-quality Interactomes

What is HINT**

HINT (High-quality INTeractomes) is a database of high-quality protein-protein interactions in different organisms. These have been compiled from different sources and then filtered both systematically and manually to remove erroneous and low-quality interactions. HINT can be used for individual queries as well as for batch downloads.

HINT has been updated. Version 3 is now online. Our databases are updated nightly.

How to use HINT

a. Input your favourite protein(s) separated by semicolons.
b. Choose the organism of your interest.
c. Choose the interaction type.
d. Input the minimum number of discrete publications that should confirm the interactions. Use semicolons to separate multiple entries. A maximum of 10 queries should be used at a time.
e. Input the kind of evidence to be used to discover the interactions. (Default = all known techniques for that particular interaction type)
f. To download all the interactions for a particular organism, use the batch download tab.
g. To disable the high-quality filter, tick the 'Show all interactions' button.